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Opportunities during Social Distancing and Increased Family Time!

Keeping the Faith

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Good Shepherd
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Needs and Opportunities to Share
Marih Center

Marih Center

The Marih Center who we have supported in the past is running very low on diapers and formula. They particularly need diapers size 4 through 6 and wipes too as those go the fastest and Similac Advanced is the most requested formula. If you have any to spare or can find any, please contact the Maria Center:

  • 703-370-4774 (Call)
  • 1-800-848-5683 (Text)
  • (Email)

If you don’t have any of the needed items or can’t find any, donations may be made at


Masks for Healthcare Workers

Donna Piscitelli is hosting a sewing drive to make desperately needed washable/reusable masks for health care workers.

She has some CCW ladies that have material, others who will sew. If you are interested and willing to help, please contact her at:

  • (Email)

Farmers Market

Mt. Vernon Farmer’s Market

Some farmers from the Mount Vernon Market (Valentine Bakery and Meats, and Honey Brook Farms) are offering “order ahead and pick-up” at the Walmart parking lot near Costco on Wednesday mornings.  Another farmer (Misty Meadow Farm Creamery) offers "order ahead and pick-up" at the Sherwood Hall Lane First Presbyterian Church. The drop-off times vary among the farmers. They may be contacted at the following:

  • Valentine Bakery and Meats - (Email)
  • Misty Meadow Farm Creamery - (Email)
  • Honey Brook Farms - Ordering Website

A Time to Grow

Learning Resources
Into the Breach

Into the Breach Series

The Knights of Columbus developed some excellent videos on the Into The Breach Series that are worth looking at and sharing with your family members.  It may be found at:

That Man Is You

That Man Is You

Good Shepherd’s That Man Is You! has gone Virtual!

If interested, please contact Joshe Raetz at:

  • (Email)

Virtual Volunteering

Volunteering Resources

There are still opportunities for volunteering, if you know where to look (and are safe about it)!

Here are some ideas: